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  • The applicant’s spiritual journey should be evidenced by a Pastor, church leader, or where they are being spiritually fed. (please provide contact information)
  • The applicant will have a minimum of two (2) years of being clean and sober.
  • The applicant will have a minimum of 9 months of drug & alcohol residential treatment or………… a reasonable facsimile.
  • The applicant will have a minimum of 6 months of being rooted & grounded in a local church.
  • The applicant will have a minimum of 6 months of regular attendance in a church sponsored bible study.
  • The applicant will have a minimum of 6 months of regular attendance in a gender-specific small accountability group.
  • The applicant attends recovery meetings.
  • The applicant is involved in a 12-step-type, sponsor driven personal recovery development program.
  • The applicant has been gainfully employed for a minimum of 9 months
  • The applicant has a minimum of 9 months of independent living and incurring and paying their own living expenses.

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      • Evidence-Based Practices, also known as EBPs, are treatments that have been researched academically or scientifically, been proven effective, and replicated by more than one investigation or study.
      • Emerging/Innovative Practices are consistent with theory, practice, wisdom, and expert consensus as reflected in broad support literature, and proven expedient.

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      • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I
      • Certified and Qualified Mental Health Associate I
      • Certified Recovery Mentor

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